Jodhpur - Sun City

Jodhpur has a special significance for me since it is my place of birth. But alas, left it when I was just 6 months old so never got to know it. I am scheduled to join a BNHS camp to Desert National park & naturally I jump at the chance of catching up with this city perched so well on the edge of the desert with its unique culture and history. It is called "Suryanagari" (Sun City) because of the Yellow sandstone that was used to build its structures.
One of the most famous landmarks of the city is the  Mehrangarh Fort - mighty and imposing, it rises from atop a hill and literally towers over and in turn  can be seen from most parts of the city.
When in the city of Jodhpur cannot see the magnificent Mehrangarh fort from any corner


Reaching the top these two canons welcome you

The ornate interiors of Mehrangarh Fort. Believe me, I am finding it difficult to decide which pictures to choose for this blog

A couple of musicians regale visitors with traditional music

beautiful old Palanquins used to carry the royal ladies

Mahadol captured from Gujarat

the Mahadol captured from Gujarat

 About 1 km downhill from the Mehrangarh fort lies Jashwant Thada

 At a considerable distance away & after crossing the main hub of the city, I reach another very well known landmark of the city - the Umaid Bhawan Palace. This was built by the rulers as part of their effort towards famine relief by giving employment to the distressed citizens. The present royals have concverted part of the place into a museum, a heritage hotel as well as using part of the place as their private residence.

 The second day is time for me to visit the ancient capital of Mandore, some 8 kms from Jodhpur. a beautiful garden is dotted with historic  beautifully carved cenotaphs

What is a visit to a city without checking out its old quarter and getting a feel of the sights, sounds and even smell and taste of the place. After returning from Mandore, I get off at Nai Sarak that houses the Clock Tower, some ornate gates and a buzy market square that gives interesting views of the Mehrangarh Fort

Entrance to the buzy market square

One of the ornate entry gates to Nai Sarak

View of Mehrangarh Fort from Nai Sarak

the Clock Tower at Nai Sarak

 On my last evening, I take a walk near my hotel & come across this interesting building which now houses the District Collectorate and a host of Government Offices. here are some views

As bid adieu to the place of my birth with which I have just become acquainted, I cannot help but feel a sense of pride and nostalgia for the beautiful place that brought me into this world. The Government's tourism Department as well as the private Trusts  have done an admirable job of preserving and promoting the beautiful heritage of the city.
Jodhpur is well connected by air & rail with Delhi & Mumbai. Aconvenient overnight train from Mumbai - the Suryanagari Express starting from Mumbai passes through many of the major cities of Gujarat before terminating at Jodhpur junction. Jodhpur is also an entry point for those visiting Jaisalmer. (See my page on Kheechan Desert National Park &  Jaisalmer)

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